Professional Training

Professional education (specific knowledge and skills) in catwalk, posing, acting, among other essentials  

Provision of general knowledge and customized consultations in fashion aspects, healthy life style, sport, diet and etc
Professional service

Direct contacts with model agencies abroad.

Direct contacts with photographers, makeup artists and hair stylists.

Possibilities to contact us 7 days a week.
Consulting services

First-hand, professional knowledge bank

Insider knowledge from a pool of past professional models that reviewed actual agencies

Professional consultation on fashion, modeling, traveling tips and etc.

Guidance in building professional
model's portfolio to the specific market

​Avoidance of
black-listed agencies    

Personalized Care and Attention

Tailor models' specifics skills, needs and looks to the specific market

Customized travel itinerary to suit each individual model’s personal circumstances (eg schooling obligations)

Professional support and 1 on 1 consultation with each model before and during a model's trip abroad

Individual attention to each model and catering for his/her needs and ambitions


Our Services